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Clearing out your basement, garage, attic or even a whole house can be a daunting task. Don't panic! You have a few options available that will help you to clear out your space effectively, efficiently, and with as little stress as possible. Consignment furniture shops are one way to go about this business, as is hiring a full service content and estate sale company. Here a few things to keep in mind while you're making your decision.
Consignment Furniture Shop
A consignment furniture shop is a store you can bring all your items to for re-sale. Officially, the items will still belong to you until the final transaction is complete, but will remain at the store to be displayed like any other store. First, you'll need to pack up your goods and haul them to the store. Once there, an employee will help you sort the items into two piles. One pile will consist of nearly mint condition items with very little wear and tear and no stains or marks. These items will be displayed in the store. Anything that doesn't meet the sometimes strict requirements for in-store display is put in the second pile for the owner to deal with through some other means. Most likely the owner is looking at a yard sale, online ads or the dump.
Full Service Content and Estate Sale
This is a service that will sell more of your items, no matter what condition they are in. It starts with a phone call or email that will lead to an in-home consultation. A highly-trained employee will work with you to come up with an ideal date to have an in-home sale. Later, a team of employees will come by your place and empty every room and cupboard in the space in question and begin to organize the items for sale. The best companies will also bring in display cases, clothing racks and shelving to better showcase your items for the day of the sale. Most items will be researched online to attain a fair market value to help you get the most for your goods. The company then advertises the sale online, in newspapers, and on flyers posted throughout the neighbourhood. One of the best resources an estate liquidator can provide is their access to a huge database of potential buyers looking for whatever you're selling. On the day of the event the estate sale company will have a line-up of people outside of your home, rain or shine, ready to buy your goods. They help with crowd control and sale transactions and provide some much needed help throughout the day.
You could take a truck load of items to the furniture consignment store, but there is no guarantee that they will accept all of the items you bring in, and you could potentially be left with a high volume of goods to deal with through other means. A full service content and estate sale will help you to sell everything you've got, from art to appliances, cars to half-used toilet paper rolls. Make the best choice and contact a highly reputable estate liquidator today!
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